Monday, September 27, 2010

lit by moonlight

2 weekends ago, we celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival here.


Of course, most importantly, there were mooncakes. Plain lotus ones, double yolk ones, snowskin ones... I've come to like the snowskin ones a lot especially when they're cold, fresh out from the fridge.







We decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood with our little lanterns in tow. :) My bold (and childish) suggestion if I might add. I feel like the older I grow, the more I feel dissatisfied with the childhood I had. Why did I never have the incredibly gleeful experience of carrying a lantern lit by candlelight triapsing brazenly through the neighbourhood without a care of the curious (stunned?) looks from passersby? My motto is, it's never too late to create these experiences for yourself. 21? Pffft. I've always felt like a 10 year old.




Latest updates:

Ok so I've finally decided to ditch awful photobucket which still isn't allowing me to view my own photos in my own account. O_o For some reason, I can't even view most of the photos in the previous posts on my own laptop... Hope it's not the same case for you guys? Do let me know if so! I grimace at the thought of having to re-upload all the gazillion photos from previous posts but if it has to be done, it has to be done. ;p This is my baby after all. In the meantime, hello to flickr.

The past weekend was pretty darn awesome. Lots of time spent GUILT FREE (post-test!) lounging around, finally opening up and reading a few chapters of a novel and spending time figuring out the new iphone4 my dear ol' mum managed to procure for me. :) And then there was really scrummy brunch on Saturday. MMM. At this rate, I'll NEVER run out of things to blog about.

Until the next time~!


  1. mmm moon cake. i didn't even eat any this year. i always never really liked the yolk part. it's too dry. lolll

    sparklers<3333... i went to walmart to try to get them for new years 2010 when i was still in california and the lady told me they were illegal -__-

    i see ur using flickr :D

  2. lynnette, these photos are gorgeous! it looks like you had an exquisite time celebrating during the mid autumn festival! and you're so right, it's never too late to create and execute childlike whims.

    i can see your photobucket pictures just fine. the trouble you said with them actually made me go ''uh oh...'' because I just uploaded some pics there because I hit my limit with flickr (haven't decided if I want to buy a pro account or not). well, i'll keep my fingers crossed!

  3. I officially need to try mooncakes now!

    Love Grace.
    ps. I was cycling through my early posts, and realized you were my first comment ever! So thank you my dear. :)

  4. Hey Lynnette! Gosh, it's been ages since I've dropped by your blog it feels like. How are you doing? It looks like you had a wonderful time during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mmm mooncakes...

  5. I miss you lynn! I'm writing you a card out asap. You always take amazing photos, love the light ones! *♥

  6. aww, you sound so happy! that's wonderful. it looks like you're having the best time ever. i love these pictures. the 2010 one is especially awesome (:

  7. This is such a cute, lovely post. Glad to see you writing again as I was tres serious when I said your blog is one of my favorites :)

    Never had mooncakes but that first photo has me drooling already. Also, the 2010 photo is great!

    I see from your twitter you started Orthopedics. How is it? I think I'll be doing this too this year, until then I'm stuck in Pediatrics for one more week :P

  8. flickrrrr!

    i will add you as a contact :)

  9. nette! i think photobucket is by far better than flickr, thats why i switched a couple years back in teh first place.
    why dont u just re-register and set up a new account? it could be that u went over yr bandwidth, in which case, get multiple accounts.
    hope u r well!

    andrea xx
    Life In Technicolor.


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