Monday, September 27, 2010

lit by moonlight

2 weekends ago, we celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival here.


Of course, most importantly, there were mooncakes. Plain lotus ones, double yolk ones, snowskin ones... I've come to like the snowskin ones a lot especially when they're cold, fresh out from the fridge.







We decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood with our little lanterns in tow. :) My bold (and childish) suggestion if I might add. I feel like the older I grow, the more I feel dissatisfied with the childhood I had. Why did I never have the incredibly gleeful experience of carrying a lantern lit by candlelight triapsing brazenly through the neighbourhood without a care of the curious (stunned?) looks from passersby? My motto is, it's never too late to create these experiences for yourself. 21? Pffft. I've always felt like a 10 year old.




Latest updates:

Ok so I've finally decided to ditch awful photobucket which still isn't allowing me to view my own photos in my own account. O_o For some reason, I can't even view most of the photos in the previous posts on my own laptop... Hope it's not the same case for you guys? Do let me know if so! I grimace at the thought of having to re-upload all the gazillion photos from previous posts but if it has to be done, it has to be done. ;p This is my baby after all. In the meantime, hello to flickr.

The past weekend was pretty darn awesome. Lots of time spent GUILT FREE (post-test!) lounging around, finally opening up and reading a few chapters of a novel and spending time figuring out the new iphone4 my dear ol' mum managed to procure for me. :) And then there was really scrummy brunch on Saturday. MMM. At this rate, I'll NEVER run out of things to blog about.

Until the next time~!

Friday, September 24, 2010

oh oh

Something is deathly wrong with my photobucket account. I can't even view my own photos in my account! O_O Nothing seems to be loading. And it's affecting all the photos on this blog too. Can't even change my header because the photo won't load...!

Feeling terribly helpless now...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I think this will do for quote of the week.

Monday, September 20, 2010

i go for it everytime






(Heidelberg, Germany, July 2009)

My best friend is back in Singapore. If only for a few weeks. I'm just happy she's here, not a million miles away from me where text messages travel through a black hole before reaching her; where I can call her anytime without having to strain my brain with subtractions to figure out the time difference.

One of the best moments I had last summer visiting her was when we settled our tired feet down and sipped steaming cups of hot chocolate in a coffee bar, in from the cold and the rain. Somethings always create that warm fuzzy spot in your heart; somethings you just don't ever forget.

Over the weekend I met up with so many old friends and we did childish things like carry lanterns while traipsing through the neighbourhood at night, munching on mooncakes and chattering about things while sitting on a picnic mat by the riverside... I wish I had more time for people in my life. It sucks that for the first week when my bestie's here I have to spend the week nights studying for a test at the end of the week. Is it just me, or does school always get in the way?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

it's on with Madewell!


I first heard of the store Madewell when I went to New York in June (photos to come! ;p i promise!) from my sister's friend who's a real fashionista; she lives in Manhattan, works at a 9-5 job, makes it to incredible sample sales of which items she can actually AFFORD -- pretty much my dream life. Oh and did I mention she has the droolworthy PS1 bag? MMMM.

Well, ever since I went to the store on Broadway (right next to Topshop!) I was HOOKED...line and sinker! There are some stores that you tend to simply fall in love with based on the vibes they give you. Of course the music playing in the store at the moment has a huge role to play in that. Madewell represents its namesake so well -- it exudes classiness, elegance and yet remains down to earth with its practical boyfriend shirts, timeless denim pieces and very very gorgeous shoes. IF NOT FOR THE PRICE...

That said, when I first heard a few months back about the Alexa Chung + Madewell collaboration I immediately kept a reminder at the back of my head to keep a lookout for it. (Not that I really needed it with the email subscription/reminders). It's every bit as lovely as I thought it would be! I've never been a crazed fan of Alexa Chung but I do admit I find her unique, countryside/boarding school inspired ensembles rather intriguing. Above are some of the pieces from the collection as well as some other in-house items that I adore. There were many items I really liked in the collection but only a few that I could envisage myself actually pulling off/wearing. Honestly, how can anyone withOUT her endless legs pull off the whole socks + ankle boots look?? So if you do happen to look like her/possess her stature, this collection is for you. Plenty of floaty dreamy vintage-inspired dresses and coats.

Oh and be sure to check out the video on the website too. :) I just like the song v v much.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

i can't go on; i'll go on

It's amazing how I've not done any work at all the entire day and have not yet felt the familiar sensation of guilt. Hope it doesn't happen to you, but for my case whenever I go out for too long a period of time during the weekend this feeling of guilt tends to creep up on me and the only way to shake it off is usually to break off the fun and head home with the thought of making up for it at night. Occupational hazard which i haaaaaaaaate to the bone. I've been toying with the idea for the past 2 years of possibly doing something else other than medicine in the future but I'm a complete coward and haven't had the balls to explore other options. So I'm stuck feeling sorry for myself in the meantime. But I guess there comes a point when you end up caving in to something as simple and elusive as a full day of rest and relaxation. That was today for me.

(romper: Topshop, cardigan and bag: store in Japan, shoes: )

I've been wearing these sandals which I ordered from ModCloth and ooohhhh they are COMFY. Very very comfy. Possibly one of the best pairs of shoes I've ever gotten because they are so easy to walk around in and I didn't even have to break it in with blisters at all. :) I have a niggling feeling these are going to become my new favorite shoes since they pretty much go with any sort of outfit and even allow my feet to breathe in this tootootoo-warm-for-comfort tropical heat.

For lunch, my bf and I went to Marche! He'd been craving for a gigantic pork knuckle dish (ever since he came back from a backpacking trip to Germany he's gotten rather fond of meat and beer lol) and we didn't manage to go last week so this time there was no stopping us. In the end though, we ended up having our usual staple of Rosti, threw in a mixed salad, enjoyed a steaming asparagus soup and topped it off with some sweet Crepe for dessert. No pork knuckle ;p



Am a huuuuuge fan of cream of asparagus soup. Veggies in general. And I love how it's so thick and warm, it fills you up so quickly. It's one of the soups I dream of making in the future when I become a domestic goddess, mother of 5 kids whom I feed warm, hearty soups and stews on a daily basis. (Yes, we should always dream big.)


(Secretly, I just want to bury myself in that pile of potatoes. Oh but before that, hand over the ketchup!)


Hehehe ok so it's rather obvious that we try to maximize the space accorded to us by the medium sized plate but that's really because it's SO expensive (and we're just your average Singaporeans who want our money's worth). I worried about today's mountain of veggie though. Thought it would collapse in a humiliating and accusatory pile on the floor.


:) That's the face I see every time I want to take a photo of the food UNTOUCHED. Sorry, pie. :P


Today's strawberry crepe was a lot better than expected! Usually am not a huge fan of crepe since I've always found the dough bit to be rather tasteless... this one though had a lovely orange flavored whipped cream topping which definitely added to the taste.



Today's buys from Forever 21. XD I tried on the first cream colored one on the left and it was such a perfect fit I couldn't help but try on the teal one too. Naturally, I fell in love with the second one as well. And how often do you come across clothing items that fit so perfectly? So I decided to get both. The guy at the cash register even commented, "Wah, you must really like this dress eh?". All I could do was beam back and nod my head really vigorously. I do love how the dresses have a vintage feel to them because of the print and the fall. I think I've been reading too much Liebemarlene Vintage.


On the way back home, I stopped by a small shopping center near my house and there was the monthly little book fair so I went over in the hopes of finding some Children's books. Low and behold -- SWEET VALLEY TWINS!!! Yes, I was a huge fan of the Sweet Valley Twins series and used to have practically the entire collection until my dear old dad forced my sis and me to throw away most of the books from our kiddy collection in order to make room for... some silly adult thing or another. I've been trying to buy them back ever since. I love being able to find these books at the 2nd hand book fair -- these were only 50 cents each! SCCCCOOOOREEE! ;p What were your favorite childhood storybooks anyhow?

Hmm I think I'm getting into a bit of a rut here with this blog. I keep end up posting the same sort of stuff each time ;p It's pretty much the only creative outlet I have so I'm going to be more creative about it. Maybe next time you'll see something other than food and little ol' me.

On an incredibly random note, I think these are absolutely adorable:


My cousin's wife will be giving birth to a baby sometime later this month and I'm going to be an aunt. :D My mum and I are so excited about getting a ton of stuff for the little kiddo to play with. These teeth are so full of WIN. And so highly DIY-able too. Maybe I should work on it with my grandmama.

Good night, now.