Wednesday, November 24, 2010

it's been awhile...

...But I'll be back! :)

Still alive here. Just really busy with so much school stuff. Almost coming to the end of a posting which means there're a couple of tests that I'm going to have to take... and it just so happens that so many things are coinciding around the same period next week! Next Friday, my end of posting test. Next Saturday, a play that I'll be acting in (definitely hope my class wins. ;p it's an inter-level play competition so each class is really going all out this year it seems). Next Sunday, my Japanese exam. Deep breath... *SILENT SCREAM*.

Just now I was eating dinner with my dad and we happened to be watching the grand finale of this show -- Step It Up and Dance. I love dance competitions. They're my favorite sort of competitive television series. I mean if I were to choose between So You Think You Can Dance and errr America's Next Top Model... I think I'd definitely go for the former. Just the way they always give so much constructive feedback to the dancers already shows how it's all about nurturing and bringing out the best in the participants.

So to cut a long story short, one of the final 4 participants, Cody, performed his solo dance to an incredible song that I tried Shazam-ing (free iPhone app that identifies songs on the radio/tv :D) but wasn't able to find out who the singer was. So I did what I always do when I try to identify songs that I'm interested in - I googled a line from the song along with the name of the show and voila! The first link that came up highlighted the exact thing that was in my mind: "In the Step It Up and Dance final, what was Cody's solo song?" :p I think it's pretty amazing how somewhere across the world, a million miles removed from me, someone else had the exact same feelings and thoughts about a song.

So here it is: