Tuesday, August 9, 2011

just. this.


(dress: Jane's Closet, necklace, bag, blazer and sandals: Urban Outfitters)




Wore this when my mum and I went to watch the broadway musical, Rock of The Ages. Believe it or not, the first time I heard about it was when I was reading The Babysitters Club :) and it was mentioned inside. Ever since then I've always been curious about it and since tickets for The Lion King were completely sold out (reminder to self: book tickets for something as epic as that about 2 years in advance if I happen to know I'll be going to NY in the future), I dragged my mum to watch it with me. Unfortunately, she always seems to be extraordinarily sleepy whenever we go for musicals (she actually fell asleep during Avenue Q, right before the puppet porn scenes! Yeah, that's my mum for you.) and if not for the sheer loudness of the rock music the band was whacking out, I'm quite sure she would've dozed off too.

Bought this maxi dress at a store called Jane's Closet in Brooklyn! :) It was one of my favorite buys from my entire stay in NYC. That store had soooo many gorgeous dresses and pretty accessories that I wish I could've stayed a lot longer to browse through it all... unfortunately I'd run out of money and was hunting around for an ATM outside to pay for the dress HEH. (Yarrr I know I'm incorrigible. Need therapy...soon.)

Sometimes after a prolonged hiatus from something, I do just feel like yelling this clear and loud:


(One of my favorite MoMA exhibits. Just simple words pregnant, aching with power. It's still showing btw! If you happen to be in Manhattan or the vicinity, why not take a stroll through?)

This past weekend was one of the best I've had in a long long time. :) It was the weekend after my end of posting test, so really, I was able to just relax without worrying about having to do any work/read up beforehand for anything.

A couple of things I did that I'm really happy about:
  • took a long and glorious nap on Saturday afternoon. I LOVE late afternoon naps especially when you don't have anything on after that. :) I remember lying in bed and waking up intermittently during the nap, feeling so comfortable snuggled up in bed with the air conditioning blowing gently across my face and thinking, I don't have to go anywhere... so I'm just going to go back to sleep. Honestly, it's the simple things like these that bring me the most joy.
  • had a sleepover with one of my dearest friends who's finally back after studying in London for the past 3 years! We attempted an E.R (the tv series yo) marathon but didn't even make it past disc 1!! That said, it was pretty fun to watch the show and appreciate all the stuff that was going on...drugs, management... the works. Oh and then we totally pigged out on chocolate-covered oreo biscuits and ice cream. At about 3 am in the morning.
  • went for a pedicure on Sunday afternoon and walked through the shops in Far East Plaza. I love how there are so many stores that sell all sorts of clothes that are probably mass imported from Korea/Taiwan/HK and while some things aren't of the best quality, I love sifting through the sheer volume of clothing and accessories bit by bit by bit...
So that was my happy weekend in a nutshell. What about yours?


P.S. (to my fellow Singaporeans) Happy National Day~! I'm so happy it's a public holiday today! :DDD (triple smile!)