Thursday, January 28, 2010

i need you so much closer

Gosh it feels like ages since I last blogged. I seem to always be starting on that note whenever I start a new post eh? But it sucks to want to do something yet reason/time constraints tell you that something else should be done instead of what you really want to do. It's like a biological urge to eat being suppressed by a supposedly rational mind in order to ... keep healthy/not put on weight? At the end of the day you just wanna GIVE IN. Which is pretty much what I'm doing now. :P 1.19 a.m. with a class at 8.30 a.m and what am I doing? But it just feels good. Like I'm doing something for myself at the end of the day. A nice way to be able to end the night.

Little Snippets of The Little Part 1 Cafe :)






On Wednesday, my mum, my sis and I decided to head down to one of my favorite places -- The Little Part 1 Cafe for dinner. It's one of those really homely, cosy places with warm lighting and a nice cushion to sink into and all sorts of interesting trinkets stuck on walls (tons of postcards and photos and posters), a cupboard chock-a-block full of boardgames... basically it's just a wonderful place to relax in and you never get bored looking around the place while waiting for your food to come. XD And they serve the most scrummilicious apple crumble with vanilla bean ice cream. Honestly, I want to kneel on the floor and cry every time I take my first bite. And it's a lovely, small establishment that doesn't charge GST so you're free to tip however much you want.

And guess what, I'll actually be celebrating my 21st birthday there! X) Sigh, did I mention, I'm going to be turning 21 in less than a week? My actual birthday is next Wednesday but I'm gonna be having a little celebration early this weekend with some of my friends because next week is going to be taken up by studying for an exam that's the week after... yada yada. :) I'm just really excited about the weekend and seeing all my friends again. We were all in the choir together. HEH.


(bracelets from! finally started wearing them quite a fair bit recently)

(dress worn as top: H&M, shorts: flea market, necklace: little boutique in HK)

HEHEH so I felt kinda shameless one night and decided to make myself a little 21st birthday wish list. I actually kinda had trouble thinking of things I wanted! Which is a good sign, no? :) I did manage to find some lovely covetables from Topshop (since it's one of the few stores that has online shopping available and the items on the website correspond quite well with those found currently in shops here)


1. Secret Garden Tiered Shell dress

2. Butterfly Floral Blouse

3. Striped Gold Button Blouse

4. Rosebud Strap Skater Dress

5. Gold Button Stripe Vest

Which one's your favorite? :D As you can see, I'm currently (still) into florals... and stripes. (all available for purchase/viewing at the topshop website!)

(Oh and on my shameless streak, Topshop has the option/button that allows you to 'SHARE' the items you like. I conveniently forwarded all the links to my older sis. HEHEHEHE... we'll see if my dearest dobby got the hint)

I was also thinking of whether I should get my self a Holga... it might be interesting to experiment in this other area of photography... or lomography as they might call it? :)


(how cool is that. seriously.)


(this one just looks so professional)


(Curious George on the front?! hahaha)

Hmm but really, I've come to the conclusion that my parents have given me pretty much all that i could wish for currently. Can't thank them enough for it... I guess I'll have the chance to do so in a few weeks time during Chinese New Year. ;p They always force us to do a little speech thangy for them before they release our Ang Baos (red packet filled with MONEY) to us.

Btw, just out of curiosity, WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR 21st BIRTHDAY? :)) (if you fit the bill)

Oh yeah, on a totally random note, I must say, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE ROCKS MY SOCKS!! I've just been listening to songs from the uber old but awesome album, Title and Registration, and am falling in love with so many songs all over again. :DDDD


1 more day till the end of the week. Hang in there~~~~!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my mind is fuzzy

Wow. It's 2010.



(I left my babies behind in HK!! :((( Hehehe my favorite's Ernie but it seems no one in HK likes Ernie because they never produce Ernie plush toys?!! It was always these 4. WHYY??!)

Sorry about the prolonged absence but it's been an incredible blur over the past 2 and a half weeks it's really starting to tired me out. Then again, most of the time when I find myself ready to keel over and conk out in lectures in school, I really only have myself to blame. Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon walking round Orchard Road, visiting some of my favorite stores with the boy because we (or I) just had this URGGEEE to check out all the stores (the sales!!) (that sadly appeared to have ended the day before on Sunday -___-) before it was too late...I'm really glad I managed to walk through most of the stores because then at least I won't be distracted this week by the thought of possible awesome items on sales racks disappearing under the hands of ladies with more time than I do...

So basically I was so tired I really wanted to dig a hole for myself and fall asleep in the lecture theatre.

I haven't had the chance to go through a lot of my holiday photos (Korea was SOOOOO COLD. Really. Pain-in-my-fingers-and-toes type of cold. O_O I'd never felt so cold anywhere else in my entire life!!) because the day after I came back I had to go back to school and I've been trying to catch up with work and other activities since then. A few words though --> KIMCHI. The Face Shop. SNOW SNOW SNOW. And naked body scrub. ;) Yesss, pictures will follow soon!!

Ok here's a sneak preview:


(korean dish BIBIMBAP)
(before it was covered in some special chilli sauce)


(MMMMMMMMM.... He probably has the best abs ever. If you haven't already heard of him, google Rain)


(there were such beautiful sunsets :))


(Nami Island, Korea, Dec 2009)
(the frickinnnnn coldest place on EARTH)

I feel like I'm ready to move to a new phase in terms of my dressing. I'm starting to gravitate towards the loose shirt + trousers look (ala MKA) but pretty trousers are sooo expensive. At least the ones in Zara are. Big question to anyone who can help: How does one with broad shoulders and no hips dress? I've been working on this problem for the past 1.5 years and I still have lots of trouble.


(Makes me wanna wear all black and put on a shade scarlet red lipstick.)



(Sigh. Makes me feel like dressing up and going out.)


So far I've come up with a couple of New Year Resolutions:

1. Take care of my body. Exercise more, eat healthily, rest more.

2. Spend more wisely. Quality not quantity.

3. Be PUNCTUAL (this has been a real failure so far ;p)

4. Love more.

Ok brain's fuzzy now. Sleep beckons.