Thursday, January 28, 2010

i need you so much closer

Gosh it feels like ages since I last blogged. I seem to always be starting on that note whenever I start a new post eh? But it sucks to want to do something yet reason/time constraints tell you that something else should be done instead of what you really want to do. It's like a biological urge to eat being suppressed by a supposedly rational mind in order to ... keep healthy/not put on weight? At the end of the day you just wanna GIVE IN. Which is pretty much what I'm doing now. :P 1.19 a.m. with a class at 8.30 a.m and what am I doing? But it just feels good. Like I'm doing something for myself at the end of the day. A nice way to be able to end the night.

Little Snippets of The Little Part 1 Cafe :)






On Wednesday, my mum, my sis and I decided to head down to one of my favorite places -- The Little Part 1 Cafe for dinner. It's one of those really homely, cosy places with warm lighting and a nice cushion to sink into and all sorts of interesting trinkets stuck on walls (tons of postcards and photos and posters), a cupboard chock-a-block full of boardgames... basically it's just a wonderful place to relax in and you never get bored looking around the place while waiting for your food to come. XD And they serve the most scrummilicious apple crumble with vanilla bean ice cream. Honestly, I want to kneel on the floor and cry every time I take my first bite. And it's a lovely, small establishment that doesn't charge GST so you're free to tip however much you want.

And guess what, I'll actually be celebrating my 21st birthday there! X) Sigh, did I mention, I'm going to be turning 21 in less than a week? My actual birthday is next Wednesday but I'm gonna be having a little celebration early this weekend with some of my friends because next week is going to be taken up by studying for an exam that's the week after... yada yada. :) I'm just really excited about the weekend and seeing all my friends again. We were all in the choir together. HEH.


(bracelets from! finally started wearing them quite a fair bit recently)

(dress worn as top: H&M, shorts: flea market, necklace: little boutique in HK)

HEHEH so I felt kinda shameless one night and decided to make myself a little 21st birthday wish list. I actually kinda had trouble thinking of things I wanted! Which is a good sign, no? :) I did manage to find some lovely covetables from Topshop (since it's one of the few stores that has online shopping available and the items on the website correspond quite well with those found currently in shops here)


1. Secret Garden Tiered Shell dress

2. Butterfly Floral Blouse

3. Striped Gold Button Blouse

4. Rosebud Strap Skater Dress

5. Gold Button Stripe Vest

Which one's your favorite? :D As you can see, I'm currently (still) into florals... and stripes. (all available for purchase/viewing at the topshop website!)

(Oh and on my shameless streak, Topshop has the option/button that allows you to 'SHARE' the items you like. I conveniently forwarded all the links to my older sis. HEHEHEHE... we'll see if my dearest dobby got the hint)

I was also thinking of whether I should get my self a Holga... it might be interesting to experiment in this other area of photography... or lomography as they might call it? :)


(how cool is that. seriously.)


(this one just looks so professional)


(Curious George on the front?! hahaha)

Hmm but really, I've come to the conclusion that my parents have given me pretty much all that i could wish for currently. Can't thank them enough for it... I guess I'll have the chance to do so in a few weeks time during Chinese New Year. ;p They always force us to do a little speech thangy for them before they release our Ang Baos (red packet filled with MONEY) to us.

Btw, just out of curiosity, WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR 21st BIRTHDAY? :)) (if you fit the bill)

Oh yeah, on a totally random note, I must say, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE ROCKS MY SOCKS!! I've just been listening to songs from the uber old but awesome album, Title and Registration, and am falling in love with so many songs all over again. :DDDD


1 more day till the end of the week. Hang in there~~~~!!


  1. i'm in love with your top, it's sooooo beautiful!!!

    and the food looks so delicous :)

  2. Love your outfit! I took a break from blogging because I just started school last week. However, I plan to update my blog sometime this weekend with my first outfit post.

  3. OMGOMG <3 I LOVE Holga Camera's, even though I only have a small digital normal camera, I literally pang for one of those, there is the most beautiful one in Urban Outfitters at the moment, and its got a cat on! :D ( It even has cat sounds! Ahh I'm cat mad. >_<

    That watch/necklace is so so beautiful, as are the clothes and yourself. You always look so nice in photos, how about we trade secrets, you on how you look so good all the time, and me on sparkly eyes? :P

    I hope studying goes okay, Its nice you've had a little break-away from it all, I hope its helped <3

    I can't believe your 21 next week! :D omg omg I hope you have such a nice time <3 I think the packet will get to you by then! :]

    Much love


  4. mmm, death cab. love both tiny vessels and transatlanticism (and that line from that song!)

    holgas are cool, but film developing in the states are WAY expensive, especially of 120 film.. which is why I haven't been leaning towards getting one. lomography is fun though :)

    I love that camera made out of Legos though!

    and it's HEALTHY to eat when you have a biological urge to eat! :) if you don't listen to that urge.. you'd starve to death! T_T

  5. oooh that apple crumble looks deeeligghttffulll. if ever i go down to sg during the summer i'll be sure to look that place up. i miss malaysian food right now. haven't had any in like, 5 months? gee, california. oo it's your birthday soon! haha the big ol' 21. i'm turning 22 in august haha so we'll be the same age for a few months methinks.

    and you should definitely buy something nice for yourself. 21 is a huge deal here in the states cos you know drinking age and stuff. but like it really matters. i think turning 25 is when you know you're going downhill hahaha xx

  6. you have really gorgeous photos.

  7. i'm glad i haven't sent your package out yet. now that i know your birthday is coming up i'll fill it with some extra goodies. and then it will almost be like having your birthday all over again once the package reaches singapore. hehe :)

    loving this outfit. that dress is so pretty. as for the topshop stuff, the butterfly floral blouse and rosebud strap skater dress are too cute for words.

    i've been wanting to get a holga too, but developing the 120 film here in the u.s. is expensive.

  8. great blog, love your outfit.
    i am now following. please feel free to follow back :)
    CLM x

  9. YES to death cab and YES to shopping for yourself on your birthday. heahaehaehae.
    Oh how's G-Market? Everytime I visit that site i get a major headache from all the gifs and all the confusion. Shini's guide helped a little but its still really confusing -.-

    and sorry about your comment getting lost! for some reason it filed itself into my SPAM folder ): but i found it and restored it!

  10. that clock necklace is gorgeous... and yes to death cab!! <3 C

  11. hello dearest lynnette im sorry im its been so long!
    thanks for the tip on the cafe!!! its like 5mins from where i live in marymount! wil check it out. happy bday in advance...hope u are well! :(

    andrea xxxxx
    Life In Technicolor.

  12. mmm apple crumble

    i've ordered from topshop once and all the stuff i got was just as good if not better than what it looked like online! i just hate the $15 shipping thing so i feel like i have to buy a lot to make it worth it :P

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 its Wednesday here, I'm not sure what time it is over there, but! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D ♥ Hope you have an excellent day and enjoyed all the stuff <3


  14. I've been craving for a holga for myself too :D haha. anyway, that apple crumble really do look tasty. yumm

  15. happy early birsssday~
    love death cab.
    what did i do for 21st birthday... i bought beer for my underaged friends. hahahah... :D

    in response to your comment on my blog entry: it's actually not a ring holder , but a tiny photo frame. the opposite side is a small pics of my and my friends from high school. but i guess it makes a cool ring holder too? lol

    i'm doing alright - still working at the tea place:). i need to figure out what to do with my life.

  16. Love the necklace so much! And those holga are just fantastic!

  17. happy belated 21st birthday! that cafe sounds like a dreeeam.

    I like the striped crop top the best. I've found in the past couple weeks that tops with those kinds of sleeves + stripes flatter me most right now.

    thank you for the comment!

  18. Omg that apple crumble look so good, i actually am craving for one now haha. I really like the designs on the top you're wearing and the fact that it's a dress too :D

  19. Happy 21st!! That cafe sure looks like the perfect place to have a birthday party! It feels like so long ago but I had a nice dinner with my friends before we got smashed at the club. Very memorable!

    Is the cafe close to an MRT station?? We'll be in Singapore in 2 months and would love to check the cafe out!

  20. i totally forgot you changed blogs! ahhhh!

    for my 21st i had friends over for dinner! and then the next day my friend took me out for a drink! it was way more relaxed than a traditional american 21st!

  21. That top's got a nice print going on, disco dizzy but not exactly disco dizzy!

    About my film photos, those were taken on my super basic SLR. The Diana Mini doesn't let me have that much control so, I tend to use it only when I feel lazy and don't want to put in so much effort? Anyway I think most film shops offer services whereby they scan the photos into a CD instead of printing them out. The one in my neighbourhood charges me $10. So check with your film shop yeah?

    A diary's great to fall back on but I don't write as well as I use to anymore. So I get self-conscious hahaha. So bullshite I know.

    Lastly! Gee you're so young! Enjoy being 21, it's one of the best ages to be.

  22. your watch necklace is so great! :)


Thanks for the comment! :D I'll definitely get back to you~