Sunday, February 14, 2010


Everyone, meet Pinky. Pinky, say hi.



Isn't he the most adorable thing ever? X)))) HAHA I received him as a birthday present from some of my classmates and at first I was like woahhh pink!!! -insert grimace- righttt...thanks very muchhhh.... But then as time went on and Pinky accompanied me at the dining table for my late night study sessions, he totally grew on me. The pink is actually pretty darn adorable and don't you just love that smile?? That sets off the innocent, carefree twinkle in his eyes? Hehe i just love him. And look at him go at those pineapple tarts. I've been taking quite a few photos of him but you'll see him in small doses each time, I promise.

Ahhh finally finally finally, Chinese New Year has arrived!! I've been waiting so desperately for this weekend to come, mainly because it's the first weekend after my mid term exam and I can finally SLEEP IN. I've just spent the last week (or two) studying and studying and studying (well not really that much but it's been a huge pain) and I'm so tired out from school. Thank goodness we have a long weekend break. :) I get Monday and Tuesday off to visit relatives and eat eat eat all my favorite new year goodies which also happen to be the most unhealthy...


My favorite new year goody ever -- pineapple tarts!! There are many variations to this but this one's my favorite. With a tart base and a very generous dollop of pineapple jam on the top. Some people make it with the tart enclosing the jam on the inside but I definitely prefer the ones with the jam exposed... more jam = yummier!! :) Haha I love how there's so much jam on this one it's like a tiny mountain that's as big as my nose...



(Pinky overdosed and K.O-ed.... tsk tsk.)

It was great coming back home today to a living room that was air conditioned and a dining table full of boxes of new year goodies. It was so hot outside I was keeling over from all the sweat and muckiness... Nothing like a glass of iced water and a pineapple tart.


(New Year's Eve reunion dinner at my grandparents' house. Yu Sheng (鱼生) taking its proud place in the middle.)

Had reunion dinner at my grandma and grandpa's house tonight and it was such a great feast. The Yu Sheng (which is basically a huge dish full of all sorts of veggies and usually raw salmon/abalone covered with sweet plum sauce and crackers/peanuts and other condiments) was exceptionally tasty this year. I loooove Yu Sheng mainly because of the sweet sauce and gods I'm such a sucker for sweet things. I could eat an entire plate of it for a meal and not need anything else for dinner.



(Kong Ba Bao buns! Hehe basically buns for a dish that consists of really yummy stewed pork (usually with quite a fair bit of fat) that's put inside these steamed buns and eaten hamburger style. (psst: I've added a link to a recipe for it if you want to find out more about the dish/how to make it)



The cutest little tangerines/ Mandarin oranges ever! Look how tiny each slice was...They were really tasty and juicy and CHILLED and so easy to eat as they were seedless. (In my opinion, nothing worse than popping a grape/slice of Mandarin orange into your mouth only to chew on a seed. UGH.)

Ok so I really haven't kept up with fashion news at all except I did hear about the death of Alexander McQueen and that was quite a big shock. Funny though, how he's just another one who took off at the peak of his success. Wonder who will fill his shoes now?

I ended up spending quite a bit of time browsing through online shops in the period leading up to my mid term exam (as always) and totally blew me away. I'm really in love with their minimalist layout and all the incredibly luxurious albeit expensive items they stock.

Yummy yummy yummy yummy... I love the colors in that floral top and the zip wedges? AHHH. If only I could feel it on my feet now and see if they fit... it's pretty crazy ordering shoes online unless they aren't too expensive since you can never be sure of the fit right? Though sometimes it's so tempting...


Just a sneak peek at the dress I'll be wearing for the first day of the new year tomorrow! :) It's really my mum's dress but I've never worn it out before so it can be considered new eh? I didn't actually buy any new clothes for the new year but at the rate I go, it's like new year every month or so.

Ok I'm so zonked out. Plans for the next few days?
Write letters/replies to friends/pen pals/relatives overseas.
Try to read a new book or two!

I haven't read a new book in ages which makes me feel like my mind is in a gradual state of degeneration... It sucks that most of the time after studying/reading my textbooks my eyes are too tired for more books and all I can take it usually the computer screen and tons of photos... Any good books to recommend?

To those who celebrate, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! And to those who don't, waddever!! Just have a great weekend and upcoming week! XD

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  1. Beautiful photos! So happy you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. omg pinky is so cute.

    have an amazing weekend x

  3. ohhh i call those little tangerine/mandarins clementines! they are my favorite fruit! so yummmmm!

    happy chinese new year to you :D

  4. cuuuuuuuuuute 恭喜發財!!!!!!!!!

  5. happy chinese new year!!! everything looks sooo yummy!! especially that big dollop of pineapple on the tart!!! they're my favourite too!!

    thanks for getting back to me about the cafe!! i looked it up on google map and gosh, they're quite far from orchard. we're only spending a night in Singapore this trip so will see how we go after all our shopping. hehe.. might just cab it there! and hehe, I'm originally a malaysian. :)

  6. Amazing food and some really nice clothes, love the print fabric you'll be wearing today.

    Happy Valentines and Happy Chinese New Year! :) :)


  7. happy new year to you too! the food looks delicious, i feel like ive gained a lot of weight after our cny dinner lol!

  8. omgggg what are those called that pinky is hugging in the first picture? I love them!

    AND PINEAPPLE TARTS! they look so good but i don't think i've actually ever had them o__o

    pinky is so cute XD haha so much delicious food~ yay I'm going to yum cha/dim sum on monday with my family away from home :]

    - the omnivore's dilemma, michael pollan--about the U.S. food industry, or food industry in general :o makes you think about what you're eating
    - the mastery of love & the four agreements, both by miguel ruiz-- these books will help anyone learn to be happier :]
    - don't sweat the small stuff... and it's all small stuff-- another great book that can help people be happy :)

  9. happy chinese new year to you too!

    i would wait maybe a couple days to do spring cleaning? my mom warns me about sweeping the floor and cleaning of any sort, and even washing my hair, because those all brush away any good luck for the new year :|

    pinky is so adorable! & i love all the candies that my grandparents have for the new year. those tarts look soo. good.

    & do all chinese grandparents have the same little circular braided mat things to put dishes on? because i swear my grandparents have a set that look EXACTLY like those in your photos. hahahah :)

    it looks so delicious!
    i love your giant feast! and those cutest little tangerines.
    i adore your blog!!
    i love the dress. what a wonderful way to start the new year! so happy and bright.

    and of course you can add me to your link list.
    do you mind if i follow you!? xoxo

    p.s. your sweet comment MADE my day! gave me a giant smile!

  11. happy chinese new year! :))
    i'm so happy i'm back here to read your wonderful notes :) and i can see you are doing well :D
    Pinky is adorable! :D

    kisses! <3

    ps - i sent you an email the other day, i hope you have the same adress... :)

  12. Kung hei fat choi! Sounds like you had a great Chinese new year celebration. =)

    I ate a lot of nian gao! Hehe!

  13. happy chinese new year, lynnette!

    haha, pinky is adorable. the perfect little study buddy for sure.

    okay, so i was going to have your letter+package all ready to send out today, BUT today is a holiday here in the states, so now i'm aiming for tomorrow or wednesday :)

  14. p.s. lol. to make the last statement in my previous comment more clear, the post office is closed because of said holiday (presidents day).

  15. Love your photos (as usual ;D).. And love pineapple tarts.. but why must they be so fattening ~.~

  16. happy new year!!
    pinky is so cute - and does that jar actually have a label that says "EAT ME"? HAHAHA
    and i love the dress
    especially how it's red/you wore it on cny day :)


  17. 新年快樂! good to know your chinese new year was awesome! pineapple tarts! my mom used to get them for us everytime she went back to singapore so now i'm kinda sick of them. there's still a box of them on our dining table and i BET she's gonna get more when she goes next week!

  18. happy new year!!! :DD those pineapple tarts LOOK SO GOOOOD! omg. kong ba bao! i love that stuff. i had it in a hokkien restaurant somewhere in sg when i went down. but my grandma makes it too :) i hope you bought yourself new clothes for new year. it's like christmas all over again, but better. hah!

  19. oh mah gad the fooood it all looks so good!

    and holymoly those are tiny mandarin oranges. super cute!

    i think i really love those boots that you posted...even though i don't know what the side looks like!

  20. Happy New year, year of the Tiger :P
    oooohh I love pinky, too cute. Loving The blog xxxx

  21. I'm a bit late but Happy New year and Happy Bday to you Lynette <3


Thanks for the comment! :D I'll definitely get back to you~