Sunday, February 21, 2010

this-a game-a sucks!!

This is just about the coolest/cutest shirt I've seen from!!! I first saw it on a friend and the minute I saw BLANCA from Street Fighter I was like OMGWTFBBQ-ME-WANTS-IT!!!


(source: )

HEHEHE I just love every single one of those characters!! Mario boy... conveniently STEPPING on PAC MAN... DONKEY KONG!!! .... SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!... ahhh all those childhood gaming memories are coming back to me now. Though I have no idea who the others are... Who's the frog??? O_o


(I just think the expressions on their faces are classic. Did you notice the Rock Band set in the corner? Rock Band!!!! I totally wanna play now... just have the urge to blast my eardrums with music and beats and rhythm)

Unfortunately it's almost all sold out except for 2XL and ermm I'm pretty sure little Asian midget me would drown in that. Hope they reprint the shirts too! :D You know what you can do for karma of the day? Go and key in your email requesting for a reprint of the shirt!! If there are enough people clamouring for a reprint, it just might happen!! Soooo... help me out here?

Mmm, today was just tiring. I was so tired I ended up having a nap at around dinner time and woke up after that feeling grouchy and eating a late dinner. Weekends need to come NOW. Mondays make me wanna talk-a like-a Blanca anyway.

I've decided to take the easy way out by skipping tomorrow morning's 8.30 a.m lecture. ;p I shall go in for the 11 a.m. one a lot more well rested and sane. Currently taking my time, savoring the moments as I count my hong bao (red packet) money received for the new year. It's enough for me to get a new lens that I want :D Though now I'm pretty determined to deposit the remainder of it in my account and not use it for another purchase for a long long time... (oh but Denise is coming this weekend and she managed to get me some stuff from H&M! So excited. :D)(hmm right, this is why my resolutions always fai---- falter.)

Ugh it's a ridiculous 2.18 a.m. now. Hope to post again soon.


    haha too funny!!

  2. froggerrrr (i think!)

  3. wow.. supercute shirt :D

    and I used a kit lens and a 50mm 1.8.. XD used well any lens can yield great results :]

    haha, not a family outing-- I live 500 miles away from my closest relatives-- but hiking on valentine's day (also chinese new year!) weekend. :] what?? singapore doesn't have ANY parks or natural places?? I'm sure it does!!..

    and I am currently in college.. using it as time to figure out what I want to do after college, since I'm not really the type for organized education XD

  4. heahea yay :D
    save your hong bao!! cant beleive you colelcted enough to get a lens? so lucky!!!

  5. Thanks for commenting Lynnette (: You have a mighty cute blog. I'm not very tall btw hahahhaa. Would love to email you about this idea I have going on, drop me an email at if you wanna know about it (:

  6. Haha! I used to play frogger! :P

    Well nice shirt, its super cute!

    Hope all is well & talk soon! <3


  7. i'll request a reprint to help you out! i used to order from threadless like crazy a few years ago. i haven't looked at the site in a long time because, well, i've amassed so many t-shirts and don't need any more. hehe :)

  8. hahaha that shirt is too funny! i love me some mario!

  9. lovely shirt haha... i reeeeeally wish threadless made v-necks.

    hey! is your blog name from a jason mraz song? i heard this beautiful song on my friend's ipod... and saw that "details in the fabric" was the title.

  10. just buy the 2XL shirt and wear it with leggings! ;) i love love oversized tees!! and wow you collected enough ang pau to buy a lens? waah. haha.

  11. Those tee are fun ! You don't have h&m in Singapour ? Omg shame on you :p


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