Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey y'all~~ X) Ahhh it's been awhile. I've been so swamped with schoolwork and preparations for yet another exam (story of my student life...ROAR!) hence the slow down in posting... I've been wanting to post for quite a few times these past couple of nights but i've always ended up trying to do other stuff or falling asleep LATE at night.

In the meantime, on pretty much a fantastic whim, I decided to set up a tumblr account. =DD Don't ask me why I decided to try it out when I don't even have time to regularly update this blog, but I dunno, I was attracted to the fact that it's so easy to use and I like the idea of shorter but more frequent updates. I love this blog too much to want to make it into a place where I mindless post stuff. Haha isn't it rather paradoxical, how when we put in effort into something we end up neglecting it because we only want to focus on it when there's more time to make it totally awesome but usually... there just isn't?? So we end up deflecting to these other easier and less mentally strenuous means of expressing ourselves.

Just a thought. ;p Any of you share the same view?

So here it is! ( easy to remember)


The good thing about this is i've been UPDATING much MORE FREQUENTLY! :p like everyday since i set it up two days ago haha. Let's hope it continues this way!

I managed to add a 'comments' box so at least it won't just be a one way me-myself-and i thingamajig. :P I definitely prefer it when there's some form of interaction.

Any of you have tumblrs? I'd love to check them out!!

Oh and I TWEET now too. :) Let me know if you do! It's such a funky way to communicate with people and to find out more about what everyone else is doing... Yeah yeah I'm a bloody voyeur.

Ok it's frickin early in the morning as usual and time for me to sleeeep. Gosh that's how I always end my posts eh? :( I can't wait to post a proper one real soon!! Haven't had much time to read other blogs/reply to comments too...Took lots of photos over the Chinese New Year and for other random stuff which I can't wait to share haha... ok all in time.



  1. i do i do!! :D

  2. you better not leave this blog for tumblr!

  3. & :)

  4. funnnnnnnnn lets see an outfit with your new hm stuff!

  5. I can't wait to see your pics from Chinese new year! and i will go check out your tumblr now :)

    mine is

  6. haha i have a tumblr...that i don't use hahahahah. i think i have an account for everything on this planet but i don't use 99% of them :P i guess i have this fear that i'll start to abandon my blog and that thought makes me sad haha. that sounds lame.

  7. heyy im sharing the same view here with you! only i don't have tumblr haha but still, i try to post only "awesome" things hahah! i work in a company where they repair electronics ahaha but i'm still in school though! ahahah yes i'm vietnamese but it's actually called lunar new year, new year for asians including vietnam as well! but it's more regocnized as chinese new year that's why =D xoxo

  8. i've been thinking of setting up a tumblr account. we'll see....

    added yours to my reader, though :)

  9. It's a good idea ! I had one but was to lazy to update it :)

  10. Oh man you went to paramore's!! im envious! heh! (:

  11. hey, it's been a while! (remember me, plastiqgurl?)

    i have added you on twitter too!

  12. it said my comment published but it didnt?? anyway i saidddddd thaaaaattt

    the efficiency of tumblr is awesome, and even better with an iphone so...GET ONE!!!

  13. Miss your posts <3 Might make a new twitter & check out tumblr :)


  14. I've also nominated you for an award on my blog! :) xoxoxox

  15. i have a tumblr that i unfortunately abandoned after frustrating myself with the html editor. & this is my twitter!


Thanks for the comment! :D I'll definitely get back to you~