Sunday, September 5, 2010

i can't go on; i'll go on

It's amazing how I've not done any work at all the entire day and have not yet felt the familiar sensation of guilt. Hope it doesn't happen to you, but for my case whenever I go out for too long a period of time during the weekend this feeling of guilt tends to creep up on me and the only way to shake it off is usually to break off the fun and head home with the thought of making up for it at night. Occupational hazard which i haaaaaaaaate to the bone. I've been toying with the idea for the past 2 years of possibly doing something else other than medicine in the future but I'm a complete coward and haven't had the balls to explore other options. So I'm stuck feeling sorry for myself in the meantime. But I guess there comes a point when you end up caving in to something as simple and elusive as a full day of rest and relaxation. That was today for me.

(romper: Topshop, cardigan and bag: store in Japan, shoes: )

I've been wearing these sandals which I ordered from ModCloth and ooohhhh they are COMFY. Very very comfy. Possibly one of the best pairs of shoes I've ever gotten because they are so easy to walk around in and I didn't even have to break it in with blisters at all. :) I have a niggling feeling these are going to become my new favorite shoes since they pretty much go with any sort of outfit and even allow my feet to breathe in this tootootoo-warm-for-comfort tropical heat.

For lunch, my bf and I went to Marche! He'd been craving for a gigantic pork knuckle dish (ever since he came back from a backpacking trip to Germany he's gotten rather fond of meat and beer lol) and we didn't manage to go last week so this time there was no stopping us. In the end though, we ended up having our usual staple of Rosti, threw in a mixed salad, enjoyed a steaming asparagus soup and topped it off with some sweet Crepe for dessert. No pork knuckle ;p



Am a huuuuuge fan of cream of asparagus soup. Veggies in general. And I love how it's so thick and warm, it fills you up so quickly. It's one of the soups I dream of making in the future when I become a domestic goddess, mother of 5 kids whom I feed warm, hearty soups and stews on a daily basis. (Yes, we should always dream big.)


(Secretly, I just want to bury myself in that pile of potatoes. Oh but before that, hand over the ketchup!)


Hehehe ok so it's rather obvious that we try to maximize the space accorded to us by the medium sized plate but that's really because it's SO expensive (and we're just your average Singaporeans who want our money's worth). I worried about today's mountain of veggie though. Thought it would collapse in a humiliating and accusatory pile on the floor.


:) That's the face I see every time I want to take a photo of the food UNTOUCHED. Sorry, pie. :P


Today's strawberry crepe was a lot better than expected! Usually am not a huge fan of crepe since I've always found the dough bit to be rather tasteless... this one though had a lovely orange flavored whipped cream topping which definitely added to the taste.



Today's buys from Forever 21. XD I tried on the first cream colored one on the left and it was such a perfect fit I couldn't help but try on the teal one too. Naturally, I fell in love with the second one as well. And how often do you come across clothing items that fit so perfectly? So I decided to get both. The guy at the cash register even commented, "Wah, you must really like this dress eh?". All I could do was beam back and nod my head really vigorously. I do love how the dresses have a vintage feel to them because of the print and the fall. I think I've been reading too much Liebemarlene Vintage.


On the way back home, I stopped by a small shopping center near my house and there was the monthly little book fair so I went over in the hopes of finding some Children's books. Low and behold -- SWEET VALLEY TWINS!!! Yes, I was a huge fan of the Sweet Valley Twins series and used to have practically the entire collection until my dear old dad forced my sis and me to throw away most of the books from our kiddy collection in order to make room for... some silly adult thing or another. I've been trying to buy them back ever since. I love being able to find these books at the 2nd hand book fair -- these were only 50 cents each! SCCCCOOOOREEE! ;p What were your favorite childhood storybooks anyhow?

Hmm I think I'm getting into a bit of a rut here with this blog. I keep end up posting the same sort of stuff each time ;p It's pretty much the only creative outlet I have so I'm going to be more creative about it. Maybe next time you'll see something other than food and little ol' me.

On an incredibly random note, I think these are absolutely adorable:


My cousin's wife will be giving birth to a baby sometime later this month and I'm going to be an aunt. :D My mum and I are so excited about getting a ton of stuff for the little kiddo to play with. These teeth are so full of WIN. And so highly DIY-able too. Maybe I should work on it with my grandmama.

Good night, now.


  1. haha, those teeth are funny :D
    and i can't resist looking at your perfect outfit and wonderful new buys! they're making me envy you ;)
    and once again - the food is so yummy!

  2. me again ^^
    i just read your comment on my blog, thank you! about my birthday, it was funny, with my closest family for now, because a real party will be organized for my friends in September (when i return to Cracow).
    and recently i've just been learn before the exam i'm going to write soon. and how are you, dear?
    big kisses!

  3. Love your buys at Forever 21. You look cute in your outfit!

  4. I'm so happy to hear you've experienced a relaxing day off without guilt! You work so hard, you really do deserve a little rest. In the grand scheme of things, one day isn't going to matter. You look lovely here, btw. The colors in your romper are very pretty. And, I was eying those sandals, too ;) They do look like they'd go well with everything.

    Oh my. Those F21 dresses are adorable. I very rarely go into the one around here to browse anymore (it recently expanded and is sooo big it's an anxiety attack waiting to happen), but I may have to make an exception for these.

    Cream of asparagus soup sounds delicious! I'm so ready to start making fall & winter soups. I'll have to look up a recipe for this one. Mmm.

    Aw, I used to love Sweet Valley books. They were so much fun to read. I'm glad you snagged a few on the cheap! I'm not sure what happened to mine, but it would be neat to read one or two again just for kicks.

    It was so nice to see your comments in my inbox tonight! To answer your question, it takes about 6 hours to get to Maine from where I live. I've only been to the southern part of the state, but would love to explore more of it someday.

  5. I love your playsuit its gorgeous. Such a beautiful print and colours. I agree with you about doing work. Normally I go out a lot and have a big social life and end up staying up late to get all the work done.

  6. Oh my; the Wakefield twins! I remember growing up reading the adventures of Jessica and Elizabeth..that and Archie comics and RL Stine books.. Good luck on building up your collection!

    Such a cute romper, and I just love the image of the potatoes; they do look good to be buried in, just like a kiddie ball pit!

    I'm rather new to the blog-hood, and I'm glad to have stumbled upon your delightful place here!

  7. Hiiiii! The food photos you take are always divine! Totally know how you feel about uni...well not about medicine, but about not knowing which path to take with it. Everyone keeps telling me to just study what I enjoy the most (which I did for undergrad) but it's highly unlikely to ever make me any I should study teaching instead...but Australian teenagers a little shits (sorry Australian teenagers). Oh and I'm not even back at uni yet but I'm feeling that non-study guilt you mention already, I should be researching honours topics...but youtube is SO ADDICTIVE!

  8. Glad to see back to posting daring. Missed your writing and your amazingly delicious food photos.

    I know how you feel about Medical school. I'm starting my 4th year in a month and I'm stuck between being exited and just saying the hell with it and starting something new. I think it's normal for people in our line of study :P

    Those dresses are adorable!

  9. Oh how I've missed your food photos! :D

    I love the prints on your dress. I wonder if your XXI selection is the same as ours?

    SWEET VALLEY HIGH! Those were a classic :) Did you read Babysitters Club too haha?

  10. yay to rompers!! you look adorable in yours.

    all that food looks so delicious! i'm currently on vacation in hong kong and was going to take a trip over to singapore but it didn't work out last minute. :( next time! you'll have to give me some recommendations of things to do!

    haha i'm like that too, when i really like something, i buy it in every color! i have 3 of the same dresses in different colors, pants, etc. hey if something fits and looks great why not? :)

    and omgggg i'm a huge sweet valley fan!! i've literally read the entire series when i was a kid, and followed them all the way til their university books. brings back memories. i should look for my sweet valley book collection somewhere in my house...

  11. hoooly crap it's sweet valley hahaha. i used to read those as a kid. have you seen the 1bruce1 livejournal? it's snarkarifically awesome.


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