Sunday, September 12, 2010

it's on with Madewell!


I first heard of the store Madewell when I went to New York in June (photos to come! ;p i promise!) from my sister's friend who's a real fashionista; she lives in Manhattan, works at a 9-5 job, makes it to incredible sample sales of which items she can actually AFFORD -- pretty much my dream life. Oh and did I mention she has the droolworthy PS1 bag? MMMM.

Well, ever since I went to the store on Broadway (right next to Topshop!) I was HOOKED...line and sinker! There are some stores that you tend to simply fall in love with based on the vibes they give you. Of course the music playing in the store at the moment has a huge role to play in that. Madewell represents its namesake so well -- it exudes classiness, elegance and yet remains down to earth with its practical boyfriend shirts, timeless denim pieces and very very gorgeous shoes. IF NOT FOR THE PRICE...

That said, when I first heard a few months back about the Alexa Chung + Madewell collaboration I immediately kept a reminder at the back of my head to keep a lookout for it. (Not that I really needed it with the email subscription/reminders). It's every bit as lovely as I thought it would be! I've never been a crazed fan of Alexa Chung but I do admit I find her unique, countryside/boarding school inspired ensembles rather intriguing. Above are some of the pieces from the collection as well as some other in-house items that I adore. There were many items I really liked in the collection but only a few that I could envisage myself actually pulling off/wearing. Honestly, how can anyone withOUT her endless legs pull off the whole socks + ankle boots look?? So if you do happen to look like her/possess her stature, this collection is for you. Plenty of floaty dreamy vintage-inspired dresses and coats.

Oh and be sure to check out the video on the website too. :) I just like the song v v much.


  1. Hi Lynette! :D

    I loveeee Madewell! Too bad it's pretty darn expensive. Did you know they're the same company as Jcrew? I think I may want to splurge on something from the Alexa Chung collection- come'on it's ALEXA CHUNG! :P

    ANywayyy, hope your Summer(? is it summer there?) is going great so far!

  2. ahh i'm glad it's finally out! when i first saw the collection, i was in love! the prices are eh, but i feel so tempted! : ]

  3. A shop actually opened up at the nearest shopping center that's close to where I live; but I still have yet to buy a piece, as you say, they're bit on the pricey range. So I'm content and brokenhearted at the same time in window shopping at the moment :-)

  4. madewell seems like a very expensive version of urban outfitters, lol. kinda like anthropologie, i guess. or j crew. :S

  5. ahh madewell. I use to oogle at everything whenever we headed down to the store (quite often actually) and I think i've only ever bought like 1 thing from there (ON SALE for $10!) but yeah love madewell.

    and you don't need long legs to pull of socks + ankle boots. I do it and my legs are like MONSTERRRRRRRR. Just be confident and walk like your legs are a mile long :D

  6. I definitely see Alexa's shadow in those clothes!!

  7. haha, oh i hear you on the socks + ankle boots thing! i could never even attempt it! ;)


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