Sunday, October 24, 2010

my heart's in so many places

Ta-dahhh! Finally a continuation of my posts on my travels this past summer. :p It's about 4 months overdue and there are still about say 500 photos I'd love to go through and eventually post so... at least that's something to look forward to till the end of this year.

So here's the next bit about my Seattle trip. I left off at the FIRST day of my time in Seattle. Now we're making the momentous leap into day 2 of the epic chronicles.

(coat: ebay, boots: shop in Hong Kong, scarf:

Half opened eyes and face drenched in sleepiness? Puts the time of the photo taken to anywhere before 12 noon. That was pretty much my default outfit every day in Seattle because it was chiiilllly. I love though, the feeling of cold air so crisp and biting that it startles the senses every morning upon leaving the house.

First stop? Nordstrom Rack!! That was the first time I'd been into one so I had no idea what to expect. Racks and rows and shelves crammed to the brim with clothes, shoes, accessories... in so many different sizes and designer labels too!


Biggest score of the day? Swedish MIA clogs at a discounted price of about $60. I later found out the exact same ones were being sold in Urban Outfitters but for close to $100! Thank you, God of outlet shopping.


It probably wasn't on the same day but eventually I did manage to stumble in a drunken haze of happiness into the Urban Outfitters store at Alderwood Mall.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters 1

Urban Outfitters 2


(BEST SIGN EVER. I just couldn't resist.)

my basic tee

(new basic striped shirt!)

I'd like that shirt for my boyfriend

Was really tempted to get this multicolored striped tee for my boyfriend since, who doesn't love a splash of color? But then I remembered most boys are timid and conservative when it comes to fashion. My future son, however...

i love that display

(I love how they displayed all the shirts in that manner against the wall! :D Another reason to be in love with UO.)

So Alderwood Mall is pretty much one of my favorite malls in the entire world. Granted, I haven't really been to that many malls in the world but this one basically has all the stores I love under one roof. I remember the first time I was brought there by my aunt a couple of years back. I'd painstakingly written down a whole list of the stores I wanted to go into ("American Apparel... GAP... F21... Urban Outfitters...Payless") and didn't know how lucky I'd get with this mall. By the end of the day, with every turn of a corner inside, I was greeted with multiple surprises as I managed to locate store after store on my list, eventually striking almost everything off. (I think Anthropologie and H&M would be the only two missing ;p. That's still a dang high score rate!)

alderwood mall 1

alderwood mall 2

almost looks like fall? :)

It seems that every time I go to Alderwood Mall I end up getting a Charley's grilled beef sub. ;p I remember being incredibly famished the first time I tried it out and it was SO good I've not really tried anything else every time I go back.



(Colors colors colors. I just brighten at the sight of them. This one was in the AA store.)

oh, choices!

So this was just a random shot taken in a supermarket. Isn't it amazing, the sheer number of choices available for something as simple as burritos? I was just bowled over.

This Ted Talk I viewed recently discusses the paradox of choice and how too many choices actually overwhelms us, makes us indecisive, and paralyzes us in a state of inaction. :P Thoughts about it? I still say there's no question about it - the more choices the merrier.

Bye for now. I wish I could spend more time blogging but then reality always wins. School stresses and sleep beckon.


  1. Very fun shopping spree!

  2. Yay, more photos from your trip! I looove that scarf you're wearing in the first pic. And wow, great score on those clogs. Are they comfortable?

    I guess for me, it depends on what's being offered. Sometimes, an over-abundance of choices can be frustrating while other times I welcome it. I do like having options, but sometimes a handful is enough, not an entire aisle :P

    I love when the air is crisp & biting and startles the senses! It's so refreshing. October has been a good month for me and has stuck true to its autumn form :) No, I'm not really celebrating Halloween this year. I didn't make any plans to dress up (a shame because it can be fun), but I don't mind all that much. We did grab a bag of candy to hand out in case we get trick-or-treaters, but we usually never do. Hehe. More for us ;)

    P.S. I've been meaning to write you back for ages. Sorry for being such a delinquent penpal!

  3. aw wish i could have taken you around seattle! there are so many even more amazing places to shop ;) i don't remember the last time i went to alderwood! the best nordstrom rack is in downtown, it has the most designer selection. there's also an anthropologie + h&m downtown and also in university village. next time! :)

    anyway, to answer your question, i graduated from the university of washington this past spring. also, i love that hong kong's fall + winter are not cold, but i do love that seattle has all four seasons.. so gorgeous..

  4. I'm so glad you like my new site!! :) I'm currently working on somemore articles so it would be great to follow up the first article! :) I'm also going to interview all the illustrators i've worked with as there so talented!!

    Your photos are perfect as always, and your figure is amazing, your so beautiful! <3 Love that scarf, I'm hoping to get a cute snowey one soon! ;)

    I've got a card for you in my bag just I havn't been working where I normally do, so I'll post that monday! :D Your actually on my list to write more things to of 101 things to do in 1001 days!!

    :D Hope all is well,

    Speak soon!!

    Sarah xxx

  5. So many wonderful photos, thank you for sharing darling. I love your purchases. I am just like you, if there's a sign for a sale I am going to definitely go bonkers, haha :)

    I love TED talks, I've spent so many hours this summer watching them. And I do sort of agree with this one. I love being able to chose between more stuff but if there are too many choices I usually get lightheaded and spend so much time overanalyzing things. Eh, we humans are creatures of paradox :)

  6. looks like a wonnnnderful trip (: i am DYING to visit seattle myself.

  7. Lynn! You look BEAUTIFUL! and the clothes look so fantastic, got to love UO ;) I'm hoping to send you something soon, I hope you like reading ;)

    Hope your okay,



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