Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i'd like for there to be a reason



I spent my night doing absolutely nothing productive in the conventional sense. In my post-500 Days of Summer reverie, I've started rethinking my wardrobe. Zoey Deschanel made vintage dresses look so versatile and wearable and...pretty. I can't help but love pretty things. An hour or more of this night was spent on etsy clicking on link after link following the lead of 'vintage tulip dress'. Nothing yet of course. I don't know why I get so fixated on some things. It's at if the search is all that matters and as long as I'm blindly doing something... I don't have to think about anything else in life. I think it's time to invest more effort into building up my wardrobe for the future though. I should stop buying printed tanks and short skirts (esp the latter) because how many more years can I actually wear them? Wrinkly knees will probably start to appear at age 30... which gives about a 10 year lease on majority of my current clothes? I probably think too much.


($127 dress that makes me go sighhhh. source:

On a brighter note, I did spend time writing a letter to my dear penpal, Emily, while listening to the great mixed cd she sent over. :DD (thanks so much, Emily! the songs are totally my kind of songs) It was probably the highlight of my day. I'd live for moments of music and quiet and writing...

Anton Yelchin is gorgeous. And he's the same age as me. :D That's gotta say something huh???


  1. Yay, you are enjoying the cd! I tried to craft it based on the various elements you've shared in your posts and whatnot. I'm so glad the songs are to your liking! There's plenty more where they came from, so maybe another mix will find its way to you :)

    I know where you're coming from. Every so often I evaluate my wardrobe and try to incorporate more classic/basic pieces that will carry into the future. I'm actually in the midst of doing so again. As for Zooey's wardrobe in 500 Days of Summer - I loved it, especially how the garments flowed from scene to scene wrinkles and all. It was more real life than the steamed & pressed Hollywood perfection.

  2. whatever la age is just a number!!!

    i look horrible in purple, but i bet you could really carry it off :D

  3. looooveee 500 days of summer, loooveeee JGL even MORE!

  4. methinks you'll still be fab past thirty!

    and i love that purple dress...and i think i love the website that you found it on. thanks for introducing it to me ;)


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