Wednesday, May 11, 2011

happiness is...


So that wasn't meant to be a continuation of the title (look further down for that) but it pretty much sums up the situation here. I couldn't be more happy! :D FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY the exams are over and ughh it was such torture preparing for it. I find the preparation and waiting for everything to be over a lot more tortuous compared to actually taking the examination. But that's just me.


(top: Madewell, jeans and necklace: Urban Outfitters, platform sandals: GAP, bag: Topshop)


The other night before my finals, I attended a dance concert that a friend was performing in and it felt soooo good to have been able to just get out of the house.


A couple of my favorite accessories -- Pyrite Cluster Necklace from Urban Outfitters (I could live in that store, really) and a little corset ring from ASOS. :)

So to continue where I left off at the title of this post, HAPPINESS IS...

1. Not having to wake up to an alarm clock

I'm sure there's no need for elaboration, this one.

2. Coming up with a list of books to read -- ALL FOR LEISURE :D

So far I'm just coming up with a real hodgepodge of a list. I tend to like to read a few books at a time because at any moment of the day, the book I pick up to read really depends on my mood. (And usually I'm not in the mood for melancholic/tragic stories, which, unfortunately, most of the classics revolve around??)

I'm currently reading The Opposite of Fate, a collection of short stories by Amy Tan. I think I started but never actually completed The Joy Luck Club (perhaps it was too melodramatic for when I was in secondary school) but now that I've read some of Amy Tan's non-fiction short stories, I'm really keen on reading more of her works. I find her work extremely readable and so vivid that you really do get transported off to a whole new other place; not necessarily physically, but just somewhere else within the heart.

Other books that I've cracked open today include: Twelfth Night (yeah Shakespeare, LOL. ;p But I've had that text on my shelf ever since I was in secondary school and well, what better time to read it than now?) and Lolita. AND... since the undeveloped sci-fi bud in me has been ignited ever so slightly ever since watching Thor a few nights back, I've also borrowed 2001: The Space Odyssey from the boy. I hope I'll get to read all of these in the next few days. There's always so much stuff out there it kiiills me to think that we're probably never going to be able to read all the great works out there in one lifetime.

Any books to recommend? :) Or what's on your reading list at the moment?

3. Looking at websites to satisfy whichever path curiosity takes my mind to :)


At the moment, I'm rather preoccupied with my new favorite actor, Tom Hiddleston, probably better known as the actor who played Loki in the movie, THOR. :) Any of you guys seen it? I just have a soft spot for guys with that wide eyed earnest look. Of course, Loki just HAS TO BE evil in the movie. -___- Le sigh. I love how this actor is not just GOOD AT ACTING but he's also pretty darn intelligent! Double first at Cambridge while studying Classics? That's just scary.

But whatever it is, I just love not having to feel guilty/that I'm wasting time. Which is always the case during the school term.

4. Taking luxurious afternoon naps.

'Nuff said.

So ladies, what are some things in the past few days that have made you feel absolutely happy, inside and out? :)

Okie, now I'm off to enjoy the latest episode of Castle before sleeping. :) (Psst, any other Castle fans??) Oh and it's 2.49 a.m. God, I love the holidays.


  1. super cute! love your top x

  2. the opposite of fate isn't short stories but a collection of personal nonfiction musings :) out of all of tan's books, I like that one the best probably haha (though I did enjoy joy luck club and others!)... my favorite piece is the one about being called an asian american writer, because I can so relate.

    happy holidays! why not check out my book, too, while you're at it? ;P

  3. You look so cute and you have great style! Nice blog!


Thanks for the comment! :D I'll definitely get back to you~