Sunday, May 9, 2010

the countdown begins: 7 days to go!

Today's exam was a real killer. I'm pretty sure I did kinda...REALLY BADLY on a couple of required me to take a history from a 'fake' patient and find out about her presenting illness but I totally blanked out and what emerged from my mouth was about 100 different permutations of the sound "erRMMMM....errr....ahhhhhh...." and the list goes on. Might have been because of that that resulted in me spending a not very exciting time out after the exam ended in te evening... Yesterday I was all prepared to paint the town red and hit all my favorite shops but instead today, I wasn't in the mood for anything fun at all :( Ended up walking aimlessly round Millenia Walk before giving up and deciding to just head home for a late dinner. It was quite nice in the end though -- ended up watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother at the dining table with my mum (very very backdated :D we were only on Season 2 episodes!) who also came back late. It was really funny introducing the storyline to her and having to explain what was going on every 5 min or so because there were no subtitles and she kept missing crucial jokes.

Bad exam aside, whenever I think about the holiday ahead, I just feel like.... THIS:


Isn't this photo of ernie(s) adorable!! XD I LOVE Ernie. Almost as much as Cookie Monster. Found it on Tumblr, I think!! (Forgot to note down the exact source)

In 7 days time I'll be leaving on a trip to the U.S!! :D I've been looking forward to this for agggeeeesss now. First I'll be headed to Seattle to visit my Uncle's family (I sure hope the two lil' cousins haven't surpassed me in height) for about a week. Soooo excited about seeing them again. They're my favorite relatives ever and I spent a couple of Christmasses with them when I was younger and they always celebrated it just the way I like it. :D After that, I'll be meeting my mum in.... NEW YORK! Haha she says she wants to be there too so that she'll be able to rein me in and prevent me from shopping too much but I know the real reason is that she just wants to have her own fun too. My mum works way too hard so I'm really glad she's taking this time off to have a holiday for herself too.

I'm going to be spending the next few days planning out a REALLY DETAILED ITINERARY for NY. There are just so many places to go to!! Where do I start?! Just check out this shopping map I found online:


And this is only for SOHO!!! We haven't even gone on to other locations yet!! And it's only shopping! I really want to visit places like MoMA and Central Park and Times Sqaure...hopefully we'll be able to catch a musical while we're there! :D Ahhh I just wanna go to as many places as possible there... 7 days in NY is just not enough.

Any recommendations for NY or Seattle? :)

I'm so looking forward to totally vegging out tomorrow... finally I'll be able to catch up on all the internet reading/surfing that I've been meaning to do. Have a whole list of links that I wanna follow up on.

Check out Dallin Chase's Fall 2010 Collection. So many gorgeous gorgeous pieces in this collection that I absolutely adore.


source: Dallin Chase, Fall 2010 Collection (referred from

1. Don't you love the flowy lines in this outfit? I have such a huge thing for flowy vests/jackets now; they just add such gentle, feminine lines to any ensemble.

2. Biker Jackets? HELL YEAH. I've always wanted to get a really nice fitted jacket to go with dresses and jeans but leather is a little too suffocating in Singapore :( unless I can find something of a more lightweight material...

3. Nothing like simple solid elegant pieces like this black top.

4. I just love the silhouette of this outfit. And aren't the shimmery waterbrush/acid wash style pants simply gorgeous? I think I'd need to poop money out before I could afford something like that.

5. Those olive pants look sooo comfortable and fall in such a way you could probably imagine the sheer soft quality of them. MMM.

6. Another jacket with a unique fit and flow. I love these huge outerwear pieces that are drapey and oversized yet still fitted and neat.

Oh and I've discovered the wonders of ModCloth.


This satchel is purrrfect. Unfortunately it's out of stock! :( Will be keeping my eyes peeled for something like this though.


Starting to realise that watches can be quite good an accessory. This is really cute isn't it?

Btw, any brands I should check out when I'm in the U.S? :D Haha of course I'm just going to go into every single H&M/Urban Outfitters/American Apparel/GAP/Forever 21 outlet I come across... Ooo and Target too! XD Any other labels that sell reasonably priced clothes too that I could check out? Would love to hear from you guys who live in the States! What are the merits of going to department stores like Macys or Nordstroms or J.C Penney compared to regular shops in a mall? ;p Just wondering if I should spend time checking out the huge department stores or if I should head straight for the smaller shops like U.O for better deals?

XXXOOO~ OFF TO BED for a gooood night's sleep :D


  1. i really envy you this trip to the U.S. if only i could go there too! would be great :)
    however, if it comes to Modcloth, i also keep an eye on some of the wondreful pieces there. the site is full of beautiful clothes...
    kisses <3

  2. hi there! I've been following your blog for sometime now, but never really figured what discipline are you studying? (:

  3. Oooohhh, I'm so jealous that you're gonna spend summer break in NYC!

  4. hi again! gss is probably starting at the end of this month! and ya, mango is probably the only place that has really good sales! zara and topshop sales aren't that fantastic - but good to drop by anyway! and since you're a medical student i assume you're really smart! and by the way, you're one lucky girl to be sending summer break in nyc! (:

  5. Love the picture!!!!
    You will have fun in NYC, I'm going there in July...can't wait!

  6. Hi, hope the exam has gone ok - maybe a lot better than you think. Soooo jealous of your USA trip - never been to Seattle but it looks fab. Shopping in NYC will be such fun. xx

  7. OMG Ernie's face always cheers me up :) I think I must be getting old though, I need reading glasses for the font on here...

  8. Oh Lynnette, how exciting! Have fun planning your trip. Hehe, do I really need to say that? I'm sure you are! :)

    Department stores such as the ones you listed will have their occasional sales and special promotions, but basically the big draw is just having a varied selection of merchandise all under one roof. If you're interested in checking one out, I'd suggest Macy's or Nordstrom. JCPenney isn't all that exciting :P

  9. haha such a cute ernie picture. DANG! I wish you were coming HERE :P and visiting me in california! well, have TONS of fun and visit me sometime ;))

  10. These are the original satchels! :)

    Since you're going to NYC, I suggest keeping your eyes out for sample sales. They have TONS in NYC.

    If you're looking for a sale, head over to Nordstrom Racks, that's where all the stuff that didn't quite sell end up. If you have a car, head over to Outlet malls too.

    Hope that helps!

    And please don't go to JCPenney, haha. It's really not that exciting at alllll.

  11. You're going to have so much fun!! Can't wait to see what you bring back from there!!

  12. I hope your trip went very well, trips not always a good time, some unexpected things can happen that ruins the journey. Like in my case, a broken ankle.

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Thanks for the comment! :D I'll definitely get back to you~