Monday, November 2, 2009

today's as good day as any

(i know, i wish this were a corner of my room too. unfortunately, it's from Ikea ;p)

Recently I've been having a bit of a funny rollar coaster ride of emotions inside of me. It gets me when I least expect it and then at those moments I just feel like I don't really know what to do about things in life.

I borrowed a book from the library entitled 14,000 Things To Be Happy About. It's basically an extended, 611 page list of things the author's happy about. Things that she's noticed since she was in grade school and has kept a note of. I'm such a sucker for books like these. :) I know some people would rather... do something really extreme than to open up the pages of a self-help book/inspirational book but I runnnnn to these things the minute I feel I need some kind of direction in life. Most of the time I think these things actually work! Heh but maybe it's also because I start of being open and receptive and words can only work their power on malleable minds.

I'll start on a couple of things today:

crisp, white bedsheets to snuggle into
cold, fresh, ripe pieces of mango
holding my grandma's hand as we walked out of the restaurant after lunch
eating year old fruit cake (cousin's 1st wedding anniversary)(apparently it's tradition?)
afternoon nap
11.30p.m jog under the watchful eye of the moon and clouds
looking through photos taken over the past few weeks

What are some things on your list? :)

P.S. Am really really craving some good ol' popcorn... crunchy, hot popcorn perhaps tinged with a hint of cinnamon spice... not sure why I thought about Christmas with my uncle,aunt and my little cousins last year but i remembered us walking in a little Christmas village at night. it was so cold and their was mushy snow around and my uncle bought the hugest bag of fresh popcorn i'd ever seen from a stall and we all dug our hands into it with relish...


  1. That's such an easy book to write haha! But at the same time, what a great idea. I've done this a few times, really helps when you are feeling down. Even better to do before you go to sleep so you can reflect on your day.

    x0x0 Lusty

  2. getting my report to work in latex definitely tops that list today, haha. ooh i cldnt ever go jogging so late at night. it makes me feel odd. props to you though :D

  3. ah that's so cute! i think i'll start keeping track too :)
    and i know how you feel...ugh and schoolwork doesn't do much to help it either
    hope you're well
    keep thinking of happy things haha!


  4. That is such a sweet memory to hold on to. And your list of happy things is just as sweet. I'm with you -- I'm also a sucker for inspirational things. I think that when we list the things that make us happy we gain a better appreciation for them and a stronger sense of gratitude.

    P.S. Your letter & package arrived today! Thank you so much! I'm excited to write you back :) Also, how did you like the pumpkin spice tea? It's only a seasonal item, so I'll be stocking up on it before it's gone from the stores. Would you like me to pick you up a box?

  5. I love the third one. So sweet. I wish I could hold my grandmother/grandfather's hand again.

    Mine for today are: Looking at the lovely picture one of my students drew of me yesterday; perfectly sharpened pencils; getting an unexpected letter in the mail; local Spanish people waving and smiling at me.

  6. I loved the holding your grandma's hand thing...

    *I think in my list would be waking up and staying in bed for some minutes
    *Getting early to my job and being able to have a smoke before getting in
    *That is wednesday and weekend is comming
    *in 10 days I'll spend a weekend in the USA



Thanks for the comment! :D I'll definitely get back to you~