Sunday, November 15, 2009

never settle

This is my 3rd blog in a year. I find myself a bit of a walking contradiction. I love it when things are constant, when nothing changes. But then once I settle into something and realize it's just not what I want, I have to up and go for something new.

It reminds me a little of Steve Jobs' commencement speech. Don't settle. Keep searching till you find what you need. I wish life was all about living the way we want and not about always striving and searching until we get to that stage... but it never works that way does it?

I'm happy with the way things are now.


  1. I think it would be difficult to find even one person who wasn't stiving for something more. I'm constantly looking for something, I have no idea what it is, but it drove me to Spain and it will drive me somewhere else next year. If we knew exactly what we were looking for there'd be no mystery in life - how boring.

    But then, if you never settle how do you know you're not passing over the last best thing that will ever happen to you. That is what makes decisions hard, we want something better but don't know if we'll ever have it. I'm not sure what is worse, always wondering 'what if' or regretting not settling. Hmmm, I'll always be the one who decides to look just that little bit further..

  2. i'm exactly the same, particularly when it comes to blogs - this is my third. i keep changing my mind whenever i get into the rhythm of something

  3. your eurotrip photos are amazing! soy bean that's sth i should try. low fat no guilt.

    well my dear that's what life is all about right - getting up and moving! you can't sit still your whole life. it's okay to change really :)

  4. welcome to your new blog sweetie x

  5. "i am happy with the way things are now."

    woah woah honestly speaking, i've never felt that way before. like being content IN the moment. i only realise how content/satisfied i was until i get myself mired in some crazy schedule/problem. that's when i start moping about how things were better/simpler/happier last time. good for you anyway! stay happy! and please tell me you're on the ball in your revisions so we could go JAY-BEE.

  6. Just be happy and be in peace, that's the most important of all, and about the cherry pie, well I used premade pie crust, since I've never made a pie crust and I didn't wanted to ruin my pie :P

    Let me know if you ever bake it and how did it went!!!

    Have a happy day!!!

  7. oh wow you finally announced your blogmove! at first i was slightly confused, but then i checked your old blog and it all made sense, haha.

  8. hello!

    i love your photos!


  9. I love the new blog. its clean look and simplicity and photos. and I also really like Steve Jobs' speech as well. very inspiring, especially the part about "if you wake up for too many days in a row and you're not doing what you'd be doing on the last day of your life, you need to change your life." something like that :)

  10. hi, my dear :)
    i'd love to get to know how are you doing lately?

    big kisses :*

  11. Where you at missy miss? Hope all is well.


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