Thursday, June 9, 2011

just because :)

Have been pretty slow on the updates but it's really because all the projects are suddenly PILING UP!! :((( The first two weeks were incredibly relaxed and I think my classmates and I were all taking things slow and easy since there weren't any real deadlines given. But suddenly, there's only a little more than a week left (which makes me very very sad) and all the deadlines are coming fast and furious. Some of the projects I'm currently up to my neck with include: completing a Children's book cover, finishing up a flip book (which was INCREDIBLY tedious but am looking forward to seeing the end product! :D), starting on posters for Coney Island and Frank Gehry - architect extraordinaire... and there are a couple more. You get the idea. Basically am feeling bogged down by work now.

But, just because it's something I love doing, I went into Urban Outfitters today and found a perfect white maxi dress. :D


Reformed by the Reformation Mayfair Dress, Urban Outfitters

I tried on both XS and S and while XS is probably the perfect fit, it's just a little tooooo snug. I worry about what might happen if I eat too much or gain just a bit more weight. It's that precarious. ;p So I'm thinking of getting it in size S which is definitely looser but then I'll still be able to wear it to a buffet brunch or after 3 kids. Hopefully. :) I'm trying to think long term here.

Tomorrow after class, I think I'll try out a dessert place called Momofuku . I've heard so much about it and it's so near my dorm! I've consciously been staying away from dessert places because I've been trying to save money (well, more like spend it all on clothes rather than food) but now that I'm nearing the end of my stay here, I think I should work in a dessert place a day. :) Starting with the East Village and starting tomorrow.


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  1. Hehehe really funny argumentation about the sizes! Like your blog so I follow ;)


Thanks for the comment! :D I'll definitely get back to you~