Sunday, December 19, 2010

At Christmas :)

I'm so happy that it's the Christmas season!! It's just my favorite holiday of the entire year. Even though I don't really get anymore presents anymore :p but since I was a little girl, I've just always loved the idea of gift-giving, present wrapping, cookie baking, eggnog drinking, merry making... I know it's the commercialized version of Christmas and that the real meaning behind everything is supposed to be the religious one but I happen to love the former a LOT. And it's so FUN. :)

I just started making ornaments again today. We don't have a tree at home unfortunately and we've never had a real one before (i doubt my parents would know what to do to keep it alive) but we DO have some pretty xmas lights. So I decided to take one of the new bookshelves that my dad recently procured and give it a makeover in time for Christmas.


Felt ornaments are my favorite to make. Simply because they're the easiest. I love putting on some music/switching on the television and making them at the same time. Today I listened to some old school HANSON music on youtube (because I can't find their CD in the mess that is my room :( ) and gosh it brought back memories! They released a record entitled Snowed In '97 and I used to play it every single Christmas as a Hanson-obsessed tween while laying on the couch fantasizing about Zac Hanson WHOM I JUST FOUND OUT IS HAPPILY MARRIED and he and his wife just gave birth to their SECOND CHILD on 15 Dec! Oh my wasted heart...



I remember flipping through a craft magazine once many years ago when I saw a "Santa's laundry line" ornament on a page and I just thought it was adorable, especially the long john's.


(Yeah, I know, that gingerbread man is just creepy. The next one will look more benevolent, I promise!)


So tomorrow I think I'll start baking some Xmas cookies. :) Anyone has any good recipes to share? I suppose the usual butter/sugar cookies would be the easiest to bake as well as decorate but my whole family's the more health conscious type so I don't think anyone will be lapping up the gorgeous colored icing any time soon. Are there any "healthier" cookies I could bake? :P Guess that's kinda an oxymoron.

Shall end my night by watching another episode of Party of 5. I ordered the first 3 seasons and had them delivered to my sis who's studying in the U.S. and who's now back for the holidays. Scott Wolf and Neve Campbell are simply gorgeous! I never actually watched the series very intensely before but I think now I'm in a better position to appreciate it. Recently I've been reminded of all the good times I had as a tween. Hanson... Party of 5... Baby-Sitters' Club... Thank god for those days.



  1. Hey dear! I just love those ornaments and lights! Those little Santa's clothes are so adorable!:D I usually fail at decorating my house, even though I have many ideas I really fail to implement them at time...yeah...but my mom is obsessed with that, so my home will be ok for Christmas:)
    Now I am full in my new job and..well, how to say it am an extravert and when I have to adopt to a new collective I feel a bit confused and tired, even though these guys seems to be nicer then at my last workplace:) I am doing some translations for different US web sites (haha, hope my English will become better soon:)) and if I will be a good and intelligent girl I will be making my own articles for different sites:))
    As for Christmas cakes...I think cheesecake with some berries can be a good option:))
    And by the way, I’ve decided to pass on The Stylish Blogger award to you! If you want to accept if, you can find out more here:
    Have a great week!

  2. Eee, that little felt clothesline is so stinkin' adorable! You have some great Christmas decorating skills :)

    Hanson's Snowed In! Haha! I had a copy of that, too. I've actually been hearing a few songs off it in the stores this holiday season.

    Merry Christmas, Lynnette! :)

  3. oh your sister is in the US now! where is she studying? i love it when other people are abroad. it means presents when they get home. or at least, it should be. hehe.

    i love xmas! everything is so festive this time of the year. is it just me or is christmas 10x more intense than chinese new year, hari raya and deepavali put together? it's crazy, but in a good way :D

  4. merry christmas girly! mmm sugar cookies sound good. i always love snickerdoodle cookies

  5. What sweet decorations you've made! It sounds like you're very much in the Christmas spirit, reminiscing with Party of 5 and Hanson and putting up these little Santas. Enjoy your holidays :)


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